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Fire Inspection / Reports

Welcome to ADCB Ltd, your trusted partner in comprehensive fire inspection and reporting services aimed at ensuring the safety and compliance of your premises. With a diverse range of offerings, including fire risk assessments, fire strategies, inspections, Document 38 compliance, evacuation plans, and more, we prioritize the protection of lives and property through meticulous evaluation and planning. As qualified members of esteemed organizations such as IFC, IFSM, IFEDA, and FPA, we guarantee expertise and professionalism in every aspect of our services.

Fire Risk Assessment:

Our thorough fire risk assessments evaluate potential fire hazards, assess the level of risk, and recommend measures to mitigate risks and enhance safety. We provide detailed reports outlining findings and actionable recommendations tailored to your specific premises and operations.

Fire Strategy:

Crafting a comprehensive fire strategy is essential for effective fire prevention and emergency response. Our expert team develops tailored strategies that outline protocols for fire prevention, detection, evacuation, and suppression, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing safety.

Fire Inspection:

Our fire inspection services encompass detailed examinations of your premises to identify fire hazards, assess fire safety measures, and ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. We provide comprehensive reports outlining any issues found and recommendations for remedial actions.

Document 38 Compliance:

Document 38 compliance is crucial for buildings with sleeping accommodation. Our services ensure that your premises meet the requirements outlined in Document 38 of the Building Regulations, including adequate fire safety measures and provisions for escape routes and firefighting equipment.

Evacuation Plans:

Effective evacuation plans are essential for ensuring the safe and orderly evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire emergency. We develop customized evacuation plans tailored to your premises, taking into account factors such as occupancy, layout, and emergency procedures.

Qualifications and Memberships:

IFC (Institute of Fire Engineers): Our affiliation with IFC demonstrates our commitment to professional development and adherence to industry standards in fire safety engineering.

IFSM (Institute of Fire Safety Managers): As members of IFSM, we uphold the highest standards of fire safety management and contribute to advancing best practices in the field.

IFEDA (Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association): Our membership with IFEDA signifies our expertise in fire detection, suppression, and protection systems, ensuring quality products and services for our clients.

FPA (Fire Protection Association): Our association with FPA highlights our dedication to promoting fire safety awareness, education, and best practices, ensuring the highest level of protection for our clients.


At ADCB Ltd, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive fire inspection and reporting services that prioritize safety, compliance, and peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your fire safety needs and let us tailor a solution that meets your requirements. Trust ADCB Ltd for expert guidance and reliable service in fire safety management.